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Why You Don't Want to "Miss the Boat" On Periscope!

The Periscope App is taking the Social Media Marketing world by storm. From just 1 million users in March to now over 10 million users, it's set to become a serious contender with Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Adwords, and more as the #1 Place to Advertise & Sell Your Products and Services. 

Periscope has literally combined the #1 selling platform online: VIDEO with the #1 selling TV platform: Reality TV. As the perfect storm of technological advancements magically merged, Live Streaming is now available to everyone for FREE. 

This technology is revolutionizing how businesses represent and share their brand with the world. It's the newest platform and has and will forever change how to market on social media. 

Bottom Line: You need to get on board or you will get left behind. 

Using Live Streaming you can reduce the time it takes for your followers to KNOW - LIKE - TRUST you. 

That means it's easier to convert followers to buyers faster and easier than ever before!

As an Early Adopter, getting on Periscope before your competition, you get to take full advantage of this technology to grow your business before anyone else. Don't procrastinate! Now is the time to make your mark and gain your influence in your niche before anyone else!

I designed the Periscope Mastery course to show you how to get on Periscope quickly, represent yourself professionally, and begin Scoping to grow your list, gain influence, and sell your business. Any fear, doubt, or confusion you've had about Periscope will vanish as a member of the Periscope Mastery course. That's my promise to you!

It's time for you to #RockYourScopes! Get started now. 

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Get immediate results with Periscope Mastery, and start getting the attention your business needs. 
  • Entrepreneurs
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  • Coaches
  • Insurance Agents
  • Business Owners
  • Salespersons
  • Bloggers
  • Experts
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to increase their online influence, get more leads and make more sales
What Are People Saying?

Shannon Helped Me Get Over #Periphobia

Shannon's Periscope training helped me take action because her teaching style is easy to follow and fun. Thanks to her Periscopes and easy-to-use training, I overcame my fear and inaction hurdle! I had my first successful Periscope and now have a growing following!

Sascha Schlossberg

We're Now Using Periscope

Shannon's always on the up with anything new and innovative. She showed us the power of Periscope and we're now rocking with it in our business. 

Andy Grant, Digital Branding Expert

I'm Grateful to Be A Part of Her Online #Tribe

Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "scoper", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe #BizBoomersAcademy. I'm grateful to be part of it!

Jennifer Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist

Shannon's Trainings Made a Real Difference in My Business

When I was making the journey from 'struggle' to 'results' in business, Shannon's training was a life-saver. It was the real nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to win in business.....and it was wrapped in an amazing personality and a real desire to see people succeed. Highly recommended!

Tony Rush, Online Expert

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